Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Black knight armour

This new piece is to try out an idea I have had to make suits of armour with interchangable decorative additions. So the main suit will be reasonably plain and then you choose the style. On the lower leg piece I have done, the skull knee can be taken off and a new decoration put on. I will do the upper leg armour next and then make another knee decoration.

The skulls mouth opens and closes as you bend your knee. This was sculpted in clay, then rough cast and cleaned up.


  1. Oh Holy Hell, thats nice!

    What would you be charging for greaves, vambraces in this style?

  2. Will be a little while before I get vambraces done but the greaves will be £120 with knees. I was hoping to get the thigh armour done to go with it.

  3. TBH i'f buy the full set. this is great, very detailed by the looks of it, i will be keeping track of the Black knight set for sure!

  4. first of all let me tell you that i find your work very awesome
    second is there a possibility to make these with a greenisch,rusty color and battered look?
    and if you can ship these to other country's?