Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Black knight armour

This new piece is to try out an idea I have had to make suits of armour with interchangable decorative additions. So the main suit will be reasonably plain and then you choose the style. On the lower leg piece I have done, the skull knee can be taken off and a new decoration put on. I will do the upper leg armour next and then make another knee decoration.

The skulls mouth opens and closes as you bend your knee. This was sculpted in clay, then rough cast and cleaned up.

Wood Automiton

This was a challange. I wanted it to look like it had been carved out of an old gnarled log with some of the uncarved log forming the face. I think the final sculpt worked. Although I had to stop the grain at the top of the face because it would have taken far more time than it was worth to sculpt all the end grain.


This started out as a troll but the finished sculpt ended up looking far to cunning and intelligent. So it has evolved into a hobgoblin.
Sometimes the clay leads you in a different direction and I find that it is better to go with it.

Quadros demon

I sculpted the original of this over 15yrs ago at collage and it has been used in Fools and Heroes live roleplay ever since. Unfortunatly I no longer have the mould and they needed more. So it got a well deserved re-sculpt.

Dragon armoury on facebook

Hi all. Been neglecting the blog again sorry. I have set up a facebook page now so please come join me on there :)

I have been very busy lately. I have got over 20 new masks to get sculpted and have been trying to get 2 a week done.