Friday, 5 February 2010

Skull mace

I have been asked to make some maces with a skull theme. This Is the begining of the design. It will be a 6 pronged flanged mace with this piece repeated for each flange.

Mages Angel topped staff

This is something I have been working on for ages and need to get finished. So I have been sculpting in the evenings try to get it complete. It will be ready for moulding as soon as I repair the damage to the wing. That happen in the casting as I only sculpted one wing and moulded it. It is symmetrical so it could mirrored for the opposite side.

Dragon armour thigh plates

Hi all. I have been working hard and thought I better show you what I have been up to as I have been neglecting the blog.

I want to get the Dragon knight armour finished in the next couple of weeks so I have been hard and fast. I clarified in my head how I wanted the legs plates to work and they have come along nicely. The upper arm plates will be next and will follow the same design. Lower legs and then lower arms will be last
and complete the set.